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A NSW Government website

NSW DDS v3 Plone 6 Demo

Create a NSW Digital Design System site in minutes, Independent, Cobrand or Masterbrand


Brand Compliance assured

Control Panel to turn a Masterbrand site into an Independent

Custom search form builder with filters and highlting results in pdfs, docs and pages.

Store or email responses with built in spam protection and skip logic

Visit the NSW Design System documentation for more information on how the design system and how to use it to meet brand guidelines.

Why Plone 6

Plone's Security track record is over 20years and no major known security breaches which is why it runs CIA, FBI and many Government websites

Faster to page loads for viewers and faster editing via the new React based Volto Editor. No editor training required.

Large organisations can control their content with Fine grained permissions, Versioning, Design System Guidance, Automations, Custom Workflows, MultiLingual and more

Plone is community built and owned, future proofing it's use. All plugins are free. Plone's global eco-system of vendors offers support, hosting and consulting

Developed by PretaGov

PretaGov is a Sydney based Plone agency. We have built Plone sites for NSW agencies including Department of Transport (NSW & UK), Department of Health, LECC, Crime Commision, Victorian SES, Qld CCC and NSW Fair Trading. NSW DDS v3 Plone 6 is the easiest to use NSW Digital Design system implimentation which will convert your existing site and help you maintain your site with the least effort. PretaGov offers competitive Plone 6 hosting and support packages available by NSW Buy to provide the most secure and fast CMS experience.

PretaGov would like to work with NSW Government Entities that require Independent or Co-Brand NSW DDS website conversions, or if you require a custom NSW government branded web application. We are contactable via NSW Buy or via