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The Plone 6 starter kit for the NSW DDS v3 is open source and can be downloaded and installed into an existing Plone 6 instance. The installation instructions are on github.


PretaGov Australia provides NSW government compliant hosting and support via NSW.Buy

PlanPage ViewsHitsDatabaseFilesYearly fee
Level 15,001 to 15,00045,0005 GB10 GB$8,400
Level 215,001 to 50,000150,0005 GB10 GB$16,800
Level 350,001 to 100,000300,0005 GB10 GB$33,600
Level 4100,001 to 175,000525,0005 GB10 GB$42,000
Level 5175,001 to 350,0001.0 million5 GB10 GB$47,350
Level 6350,001 to 800,0002.4 million10 GB20 GB$59,500
Level 7800,001 to 1,500,0004.5 million15 GB30 GB$80,850
Level 81,500,001 up to 3,000,0009.0 million20 GB40 GB$115,500
  • All limits are max monthly over the year.
  • Page Views are an estimate of page requests but excludes crawlers, images and other non-html requests.
  • Hits are all backend requests including pages, api requests, search crawlers, 404 not found pages but exclude requests to our caching CDN.
  • Database content limit includes pages and records and excludes additional storage needed to provide search services for this content, undo and history and any content classified as File Content.
  • File Content Limit includes images, pdfs, videos and other content stored as blobs.
  • UAT/Sandbox environment is provided for free and contains a subset of the main sites content.
  • Support is unlimited for telephone and email up to 5 editors (excluding design, coding or deployment requests).
  • 24 hours support is available at request.


  • PretaGov provides an automated content conversion tool speedup converting sites. This is a flat fee and can run in hours.
  • PretaGov provides a specialised import service for Squiz Matrix sites which imports additional metadata from the Squiz export format.
  • Most NSW Independent/Endorsed brand customisations are configurable via the control panel and are no extra cost. Should further development be needed please contact PretaGov about your needs.