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NSW Digital Design System Guide

The NSW Digital Design System Plone 6 Toolkit can support different NSW Government branding framework categories out of the box

Agencies, statutory bodies and other government entities are required to follow the NSW Government Brand Framework.

There are five categories of branding across NSW Government

  • Masterbrand – the default category for all NSW Government brands and communications
  • Co-brand – for brands with a strong connection to the NSW Government but still requiring a custom logo
  • Endorsed – where brands maintain their prominence but still require a connection to the NSW Government
  • Independent – for brands where there’s a perceived or actual independence from government
  • Stand-alone – includes brands that operate autonomously and require a high level of distinction from the NSW Government.

NSW DDS v3 Plone 6 has been designed to comply to the NSW Digital Design System, NSW Digital Design Standards, WCAG and the Beyond Digital Strategy. Find out how it can help help your agency.

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Customise Colours, Logo and AOC

Department or Agency websites that require more features than oneCX

Forms, Registries, Submission workflows, Advanced Publications Search, Extranets

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If you would like more information how the NSW DDS v3 Plone 6 could fit your needs then Contact PretaGov