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A NSW Government website

Search Pages with Filters

Powered by Elastic Search

The NSW DDS v3 Plone 6 Toolkit comes with the powerful Elastic search appliance builtin.

  • Results have keywords highlighted
  • Multi-lingual word splitting
  • Search across PDFs and Office documents
  • Excellent relevancy ranking so you find what you want quicker
  • Live search as you type
  • Search suggestions (coming soon)

For example, here is a custom search for "NSW" showing NSW highlighted

Custom Search

Searches are fully customiseable, allowing page designers to:

  • customise the types of content to show in a search
  • customise which parts of the site to show content from
  • show dates, images, keywords, and other metadata in the results
  • allow users to sort their results how they would like, with page editors being able to customise what sorting options are available
  • decide how many results to show per page


Customise number of results per page

Sortable search results

Search with facets

  • create custom search filters, with various widgets available for filters

All properties regarding the filters and search; including the fields to filter or sort by, the labels of the filters and sortable and how to display each filter can be customised by site editors.