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A NSW Government website

Content Governance

Plone includes many advanced features not found in other CMS's that help large organisation control their content

Fine Grained Permissions

Groups of users can be created and given delegated permissions to only certain parts of the site or even individual pages

Automations via Content Rules

Content Rules automate actions when certain conditions are met such as editing, logging in, workflow transition etc

Custom Workflow

Plone's built in workflow is powerful, allowing content or subsections to be private, private to restricted groups, published or submitting for publication

Underneath Plone's builtin workflow editor allows even more complex custom workflows to be created and used in different areas of the site, or for different content types


Plone is built with multilingual content in mind providing many options to structure a multilingual site


Plone saves versions of all edits to compare or revert, and allows for multiple draft versions of a publshed page to be worked on and reviewed before becoming public

Design System Guidance

Content types and Blocks work togeather to help editors create sites that comply to a Design System. Plone 6 was designed with Design Systems in mind making it easy for developers to impliment a new design system on top of it.
Good design systems also provide guidance on when and how to use these components. The Plone 6 NSW Design System automates much of this guidance further ensuring the Design System is not accidentatly misused.