Digital NSW Plone Starter Kit Demo

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A NSW Government website


The following are the all the Blocks available in the NSW Digital Design System v3 Plone 6 Toolkit.

Most correspond with NSW Digital Design System v3 components

An accordion is a series of expandable vertical panels, designed to save space on a page by hiding content and revealing it as required.
Allows for important links to be attached below the hero banner
Teaser blocks that link to external or internal content with many variations
Content blocks allow users to select from multiple actions related to a topic or task
Plone is able to embed custom HTML directly into a page including maps, plots and social media feeds
Footer links, sub-menu, AOC and social media links
Easy to use form builder to email or save data collected
Display a list of results to users surfacing key information. Available as both Listing Block and Search Block variations
How to manage your information architecture of your site
Use tags to help label or categorise content for users using keywords or phrases. They can also be interactive and help users search for and navigate to content quickly and easily.