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In-page navigation/ Table of contents

Use the in-page navigation to provide quick access to the content within a page. For information on how this component should be used and when not to use it, see the New South Wales Design System documentation for the In-Page Navigation Component.

The In-page navigation block will show all heading levels except for the main document title by default, but this can be customised to the requirements of each page.

Each heading on the page will have an ID associated with it that the In-Page navigation will link to. These links can be used by other blocks or other pages to link to a particular heading.

The text displayed by the In-page navigation for a particular heading can be customised by opening the block settings for a heading and turning on the Override TOC entry option. This feature should be used sparingly to avoid confusion when navigating the page.


My heading 2

Body text

My heading 3

My body text

My other heading 2

My body text

My third heading