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Creating a unified and customer-centric digital experience for people in NSW

OneCX is fantastic initiative by the NSW Government to improve the digital experience of it's customers (the general public) by having a single consistent user experience by consolidating government websites into either or

It also reduces costs by consolidating some of the 750 different NSW Government websites using 35 different CMS technlogies.

Which Organisations does OneCX not apply to?

However not all websites are being asked to migrate to OneCX. In particular:

  • Organisations that have a brand exemption (no Waratah logo)
  • Agency that is not subject to the control and direction of the Minister
  • State owned corporation
  • Public Financial Corporation
  • School, TAFE or training institution
  • Websites with content that’s targeted primarily to international audiences, or people outside of NSW
  • intranets and other internal-facing digital products
  • Custom tools or functionality that agencies would continue to maintain

However all of these organisations are allowed to operate an independent website. However they will still need to follow existing government policies and guidance, such as the Digital Design System.

NSW DDS Plone 6 provides a quick path to migrating to the the NSW DDS while giving you the easiest to use content management experience. You can self host or use PretaGov cost effective government compliant hosting. Plone 6's headless archecture allows for fast and modern services to be created using React.

Still unsure? you can follow the OneCX guidance.