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A NSW Government website


Submission Workflows

The built-in form builder makes it quick let the public submit requests.

  • These can be saved into a database or emailed in both human and machine readible formats.
  • Emails can be routed based on selections in the form
  • Workflow can be layered onto submissions as needed


Registries allow for users to submit registrations or search for existing registrations. Plone's custom workflow system allows for submissions to be workflowed as needed. Links can be created between records to allow complex databases to be built and maintained easily,

Advanced Publications Search

With Elastic search built in and indexing on common document formats such as PDF, Word Documents, Powerpoint etc Plone 6 NSW Design system is ideal to build repositroes of documents that need to be searched and filtered for in many different ways.

  • Unlimited custom search pages with a filter builder
  • Control over search results appearance
  • Multi-lingual search
  • Indexing of PDFs, Word Documetns and other common document formats


Plone 6 fine grained security allows control over all or sections of the site to be members only. Groups and workflow can be used to restrict visibility of content to only those that should see it. There is no need for a another tool to provide this functionality.

Public Engagement

  • The form builder makes it quick to let the public submit enquires or requests
  • Plone 6 has a built in commenting system allowing engagement on any page

Custom Development

Plone 6 is based on React, rest apis and a light Python based backend. It is a community based open source CMS with extensive documentation on how to either customise it's look and feel or build custom applications on top of it

Stand-alone NSW Branding

A full custom site can be built on top the Plone 6 NSW DS that allows a full stand alone branding while retaining accessibility and other features on the NSW design system